Chuka Chiezie
2 min readOct 4, 2021



In response to our usual question in Nigeria ‘How was your Night?’ during an early phone call I made to a colleague this morning, I received an epistle of Lamentations 😩.

He complained that he could not get anyone to pay him the debt they owed during the weekend. He had his laptop messing up since yesterday and since he had no cash, had tried everything he knew to get the system working but that didn’t work out. Worse still, there will be school fees drive this morning and he was afraid his kids would be sent back because he had not paid their fees.

Honest, I almost couldn’t state the reason for the early call I made until he insisted that his problems will be solved anyways (That sounded like hope 🤞🏾).

I believe that the memories of yesterday should ignite us to make good use of the gift of today. If you had some wins, you could build on that and have more wins. If you had a lot of challenges, you may as well lose some little sleep and think about ways of resolving them quickly perhaps by sharing with someone for some insight like my colleague did.

Today is a gift and it holds a promise if we can stay positive. Not everyone has the opportunity of participating today because they passed on.

Perhaps, we could use some advice from Peter Mayle in his book A Good Year. He said “It is better to die standing than live your life on your knees”

Rather than worry so much or Mull negatively over a problem, why not think about solutions. Remember that ‘He who does not sit on a cushion of advantage does not go to sleep.’

As for my colleague, we resolved one of his issues; we got him a small loan so his kids can be in school happy and unaware that Adults go through challenges sometimes😁.





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