Today I was a Bad Samaritan.

Because we were almost running late for our setup (church sound system) in church this morning, my son and I took off so everyone else could come with my wife.

As we slowed down at a speed bum close a junction that would lead to the major road to church, we heard a woman shout, ‘please help us to the main junction’. I pretended not to hear and drove off quickly because we were truly running late.

As we drove off, I noticed that my son sighed, and kept quiet. Of course, I probed and he said, ‘well, that wasn’t nice daddy’. I dug deeper and he said, ‘you just reminded me of the story of the good and bad Samaritans. Daddy, you were a bad Samaritan today’. He took some time to tell me the story of the 2 bad Samaritans as he called it and then the good one.

Well, I was sure this guy wasn’t trying to make me feel bad because we really should have helped that woman since the junction was not off our route.

I took the lesson but didn’t fail to add that the days were evil and even while it is nice to offer help, we must also be certain that those who ask for help genuinely need it.

I thanked Papi for reminding me, of what mattered more than making it so early to the church which, is being kind.

Have a great week.




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Chuka Chiezie

Chuka Chiezie

A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.