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Before reading from Robin Sharma this morning, I was feeling despondent because a generous friend loaned me 10 million Naira without collateral and I decided to invest in a chosen business area I was sure could double the investment within 3 months.

Because I trusted my associate and his abilities considering our antecedents, we didn’t need to carry out too many surveys so I invested and left the business in trust for him to manage so I could focus on Jewel Publishers; our commercial printing business and Rapid Express Logistics; our supply chain company.

In 3 months, when I visited to see how well we were doing, the business had failed.

  • It failed because I did not spot the difference between a great worker who understands how to manage tasks but lacked the skills to manage a business
  • It failed because I chose to build the business on the fabrics of trust rather than build systems around the business to manage the trust
  • It failed because the metrics put in place to measure our performance was not monitored frequently.

Now I have a huge chunk of debts to pay 😩.

Thinking about the debt in October as I get closer to the repayment period was saddening but feelings don’t pay debts. Hard work perhaps does.

I called my actions with my associate a mistake but this morning, I learned that there are NO MISTAKES.

Robin SharmaEverything that had happened to you in life — the good and the difficult things were necessary to help you become the person you are now.

The great thing; I have learned my lessons and I know I will perform differently when I get the next 10million Naira after I have repaid what I currently owe of course.


Shalom ✌🏾