I was not sure of her capabilities but her CV and an interview demonstrated that she had the minimum requirement we needed at Jewel Publishers, the best printing firm in Nigeria. When Onyinye Chiezie resumed, because we looked quite disorganized at Jewel Publishers at that time, I made a long list of things I wanted her to achieve in 3 months which included; getting us better visibility online, effectively managing our clients so they do not panic when we are given jobs considering that most clients would even prefer same-day deliveries for Jobs that require at least 5 days for execution and many other tasks. I was also worried that she was not going to take work seriously because she is my baby sister and that colleagues may not work well with her since she is a close relation of mine but I was willing to try because Onyi had worked well as a Personal Assistant to some people I know and had also served at ‘Print Anything’ doing some excellent things to improve their brand.

Work with Onyi commenced rather well I must say, first time she stepped into the office, I expected she would dress casually since she knows the boss I guess but the babe appeared really formal, not dressed in Skirt or trouser suits because we do not need that in a print place but she dressed to work with some heels that could tolerate the pressure of our kind of work. At our first meeting, I reiterated some of the challenges I had which included the following:

1. Online visibility

2. Proposal Writing

3. Managing those at the operational side, I mean where we do the dirty work (Press itself)

4. Attending meetings timely

5. Responding to client queries ensuring clients are happy with the jobs we deliver

6. Managing Job timelines and responding to challenges at the operational end

7. Staff Discipline

8. Managing retainer ships

9. ETC.

To be honest, I do not know how Onyinye did this and where she learned the things, she did but for once I never regretted hiring family to work with us. Sometimes, I wish I could try that again but Onyi seems different because she spurred me to be a better version of myself in every way. I am also managing Director of Rapid Express Logistics Limited, a growing supply chain company in Nigeria and having Onyi in the Jewel Publishers team made it a lot easy for me to focus on our business objectives at Rapid Express.

Now the sad part, Onyi came to me in December and said, ‘Chuka, December will be my last day at Jewel Publishers. I will not be fully active anymore at Jewel Publishers but will work more for you as a volunteer because working in Jewel Publishers was not really part of my career goals’ I was shocked a bit by the statement and I wanted to understand why someone who had achieved so much including growing our income by 35% within a year could work away when I was already planning to make her MD but her response made me understand how much her goals mattered and while she spoke, I made some notes:

1. Jewel Publishers was the most rewarding place she had worked but the placed spurred her to learn more, thus she decided an MBA in Canada would be the way to go even though she could not afford it at the moment. Rather than work longer, she would take time to pass a GMAT since she Aced IELTS so she will be offered admission into MBA which make her a better fit for any business or Jewel Publishers in case better opportunities do not come in future (I am certain they will)

2. Jewel Publishers is the hardest job she had ever done and she loved it but it also did not allow her adequate time to learn more and at her level, learning is needed to improve the experience.

3. She loved Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Family Health International (FHI), Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN), Aids Preventive Initiative Nigeria (APIN), Norwegian Refugee Council and many other Non-governmental organisations we offered printing services and thought she could make their brands better every time she saw gaps communications could fill which is her field of expertise.

4. Many other personal reasons

Though young, Onyinye knew what she wanted and I had to let her go on the promise that she would be available as a volunteer to meet some great clients’ needs whenever she is needed.

· I hope she gets a scholarship to pursue an MBA or some area of communications considering that raising the amount she needs could be a herculean task.

· I hope she will get her dream job

. I hope her value shines forth wherever she finds herself, that she always will have the guts to share her innovative ideas and suggest the best ways to execute them

· I hope she always wins

Jewel Publishers carried out a couple of interviews to fill the gap and until this moment, those that came close to being suitable demanded outrageous sums that will kill our business. Those we thought we could manage were afraid to of targets but our searchlights are on. We are not receiving applications oh.

I just wanted to take the time to thank Onyinye Chiezie for the great works and to let the world know out there that she not just a diamond but platinum and one of the best assets I ever worked with carrying out business.

I didn’t mention that I only screamed once at Onyi and it never happened again. Onyi, I hope you come back to Jewel Publishers soon. Everyone blames me for accepting your resignation.


Have a Lovely Day.

A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.