Once You Carry your own Water, You will Learn the Value of Every Drop

Photo Credit — BallMemes.com

Last Sunday, my 3-year-old son stayed at the choir stand with me in church. To keep him from running around so I could focus on the homily, I handed him a drum stick I hoped he would be swinging until he slept off.

Unfortunately, this guy found a way to get me distracted. He would throw the stick on the floor and ask me to pick it up. I did because I didn’t want any wahala (Tantrums). I tried to dissuade him from throwing the stick quietly, but he didn’t bulge.

After a final warning, I asked him to pick up the stick he threw down himself. I was ready for whatever embarrassment he had planned. Amazingly (God answers prayers indeed 😁), he got down from my lap and picked up his stick.

Guess what? he didn’t throw that drumstick down again. I am certain, he didn’t want the discomfort of getting down often to pick up the stick so he had to behave himself to avoid the unpleasant chore.

“ONCE YOU CARRY YOUR OWN WATER, YOU WILL LEARN THE VALUE OF EVERY DROP”. If Children like my 3-year-old understands this, anyone can.


I told my friend something that made his marketers perform better. Let 40% of their salaries be based on performance and you will record better KPIs because they will understand what ‘EARNING AS YOU PERFORM MEANS’.