“No Great life Was Ever Built on the Foundation of Excuses. Stop Making them” — Robin Sharma.

I had a target of weighing 90kg by the end of 2021. I was doing great with my goal until the harmattan (mini winter) started rearing its head around the last week in November then I started cutting down the distance I jogged and eventually stopped because I felt the weather was getting cold. Nothing and nobody stopped me from using a jacket to Jog. By 31st December, I added 10kg to all the weight I lost. 😔

The pianist was running late to church due to an unforeseen traffic situation along his route but, the holy mass had to commence. I quickly looked at my 10-year-old daughter, whom I was very sure was a perfect fit for the moment and asked her to play the piano in his place. I expected her to be excited and take advantage of the opportunity we had longed for her to showcase her skills but, she shocked me with a very strong NO. After mass, she said she couldn’t bring herself to play because she thought the crowd would laugh at her. 😔

Because I work at 2 Jobs (Jewel Publishers and Rapid Express Logistics Limited) in Nigeria, where the hustle is real, I seldom have time to attend my rehearsals with the best tenor singer in Africa, Frank de Tenor. Considering my schedule, Frank suggested just an hour rehearsal at anytime convenient for me during the weekend. I barely made most of the times, we had scheduled because I have been full of saying things like, ‘the venue is too far and, I don’t feel like driving long’, ‘what if we get there and there is no power supply. 😔

Before sitting down to share this discourse, I had read from a million books that there will always be a million reasons why we fail, and failure must be attributed to a reason. Those reasons we never term excuses but, in truth they are excuses. That is the reason why executives we call ruthless choose to see things as they are, not as our emotions colour them. Executives lookout for the results because they know that there will always be reasons why we do not achieve our goals.

Many times we attribute them to what people will say or do like, my daughter. We may even attribute them to the condition of the times and weather like me or how we feel. Now know better and can do better.

May we be bosses to our excuses.

Well in, Nigeria, we thank God it is Friday. I hope we do not have any excuse for taking some time to rest and unwind.





A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.

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Chuka Chiezie

Chuka Chiezie

A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.

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