This morning I stumbled on a journal I kept when I was 25 years old. In there, were photos and excerpts of the speech I gave during the vote of thanks to friends and colleagues who celebrated with me 😁.

Even though I smiled as I read the journal this morning, I was a bit shocked at how many ideas I had about having a great life:

  • The kind of house I was supposed to live in when I was 30,
  • The number of companies I would have built by the time I was 35
  • The number of books I would have written like my old mentor — George kaitholil to inspire people.
  • How relevant I would have been in the politics of my dear country Nigeria and many other great ideas.

See, 95% of those ideas were never executed. IDEAS ARE WORTHLESS WITHOUT EXECUTION.

I may be wrong to be bold about that assertion above but I am certain that if I had walked on half of those ideas in the way I had planned to do them, I would have achieved more than 100% of my goals and would have been better fulfilled.

The question I asked myself this morning while I struggled not to be sad is ‘WHAT DO I DO NOW?.’

At the time I scribbled those goals, people weren’t even as ambitious as they are now, people didn’t even value entrepreneurship and I didn’t have kids and too many bills, I had more energy and time to pursue my goals (Sigh).

Well, thank God I read about Colonel Sanders who built a world-class brand at 65 through execution, not just ideation.

Stories like that inspire us to begin again from where we are keeping in mind that IDEATION WITHOUT EXECUTION IS MERE DELUSION.

Don’t worry about guessing how old I am now (I won’t disclose it😁). What matters is how much I now execute on with the rest of my life and what you also execute on with the rest of your life.