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To mark Godwin’s 10th Birthday, his father Martin decided to take the day off to make the day super memorable for his son.

When Godwin woke up early that Saturday morning to get ready for his soccer training, he was wowed with a PS5 Game his dad sneaked into the room while he slept. Then followed the happy birthday songs and great cheering from everyone at home.

That morning Godwin was elated to see that his father was coming to watch the training and when the training was over, Martin took Godwin and his friends to the movies, then lunch and ice cream and there was so much fun to make the day truly memorable.

At the end of the day which Godwin wished never came, Martin was curious to know what his son liked most about the entire day. He expected the PS5 or Soccer he attended to be the major highlight of the day but he was amazed when his son said “Dad, thank you so much for everything but you see that ‘ICE CREAM, nothing can compare 😁”

Wow, it is amazing, how the simplest things we ignore, make the most meaning.

Guys are sometimes shocked that a Lady will pick a guy who pays attention to her over the one who gives her a million dollars.


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