A few days ago, one of my sons sustained a serious injury, multiple fractures on his arm while playing at home. We rushed him to the most reliable Orthopaedic Hospital (Cedar Crest Hospital) that we know following the absence of our most trusted Orthopaedic Doctor; Mahmoud Felafel.

Of course, Cedar Crest lived up to her brand by carrying out a successful surgery and treating us very well during our stay at the hospital.

When it was time for us to leave the hospital after spending 3 days, the bill was brought and it was 809,000 Naira (Eight Hundred and Nine Thousand Naira). I do not want to quantify this money in dollars so it doesn’t look like peanuts but that amount is a big deal in Nigeria especially in January when we have lost ourselves enjoying Christmas and the holiday celebrations.

Of course, I wanted to pay because I didn’t think our insurance covered us at Cedar Crest since we mostly used NISA Premier hospital in Abuja until my ever forward wife; Linda decided to contact our HMO Rep Oluwakemi Odusholu Modie who wasted no time in approving that bill saving me a whopping sum that I may have borrowed to sort my son’s hospital bill.

See guys, during our short stay in that hospital, we had good friends especially Foxy, Moses and many When Women Pray members come to visit us. As we gisted, I heard about several ridiculous amounts of money these parents pay for medical bills annually and I just couldn’t thank God enough for IHVN my first employee that provided some awareness about health insurance.

In that same hospital, I listened to parents call friends to take loans so they could clear their hospital bills and be discharged. I imagined some having high blood pressure when they thought about the bill they had to clear after spending days at the hospital treating their wards.

Ndubuisi Ekekwe once said in his post that insurance companies claim that they are not doing well due to competition among existing insurance firms when less than 5% of the Nigerian population do not even know about the existence and benefits of health insurance.

Health is not like food or school fees and other known expenses we plan for. But it is important that we plan for our health because it is incidental. No one knows when they would fall sick and the sickness may occur when you cannot afford it, so why not plan for it now and plan for your aged parents and many vulnerable people as well. You can talk to Madam Kemi — 08022510595, if you are in Nigeria.

Remember Health is Wealth. GET A HEALTH INSURANCE TODAY.

We also thank God that my main man Papi is doing fine.





A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.

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Chuka Chiezie

Chuka Chiezie

A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.

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