I envied my dad while growing up because every time food was served when we were kids, we received just a piece of meat or sometimes shared a piece while he had at least 2 pieces and lots of side things like lobsters, periwinkle, stockfish and more (😋).

I could not wait to be grown up to enjoy what I called luxury and the freedom; to do whatever I liked as i assumed my dad did.

Getting into the university was the first point of freedom call. My mum wasn’t going to shout about morning devotion by 5 am and have me mop my portion of the house, wash our dad’s car and iron clothes. I just had ME to manage and It felt good.

On the first day at Kigali; the first restaurant I knew at the University of Abuja Nigeria, I ordered food with 2 big chunks of meat hoping to feel my father’s joy when he devoured his meals with relish 😁).

I continued to enjoy the luxury of freedom for 2 weeks and ran out of cash. My cash at that time was counted. I was not expected to call for a refill until the end of the month. I was not allowed to visit home at that time except there was an emergency or I was invited. (Hunger first dealt with me, before other things followed😩). It didn’t take time for me to understand that FREEDOM HAD BOUNDARIES.

Of course, my father wasn’t the kind of guy you could be so prodigal to but my mum like many great mothers was the kind of woman you could confide in but she couldn’t do much. The worse was that my parents had this great connection about their finance, they gave out only what both of them were aware of.

So I was in a fix and it seemed everyone’s cash was counted in that school, so i could barely get help. Hmmm. Well, I lied about some books to be bought in the university which my mum refused to investigate and got by for the period but I never forgot the lessons; BE RESPONSIBLE.

FREEDOM is great and will always be great but if your definition means that you can do whatever you like, remember that the consequences will always be great as well.

RESPONSIBILITY on the other hand appears to be like the checker, some guy that shows up to warn you about striking a balance.

  1. Responsibility is that guy that tells you to plan for your old age while you are in your youth.
  2. Responsibility tells you to keep a part of what you earn and invest in a good business
  3. Responsibility tells you to take care of your children and make sure they have better lives than you did.
  4. Responsibility tells to drink responsibly
  5. Responsibility tells you that leadership should truly be service, not an avenue to exploit and destroy the people because you now have access to power.
  6. Responsibility tells me to spend the same 2 hours I spent on Netflix studying and working on my career as well 😁
  7. Responsibility is a FREEDOM CHECKER.

So as you go about your day, remember that the freedom we enjoy has boundaries and requires great balance.

With that balance in mind, we can all live REMARKABLE LIVES.