A new World leader has emerged and displaced the suppliers; it is called the DEMAND CONTROLLER


Based on insights shared by Ndubisbi Ekekwe in his video, world power is no longer controlled by suppliers even though they remain very integral to the success of the world business platform.

For instance, some years ago, if you wanted access to the news, the channels available were mostly the television and newspapers that were never enough to meet the demand of people at that time. Many organisations who wanted to be market kings, went to the suppliers like Guardians News, Dailytimes, Daily trust et cetera, to advertise their businesses and products for better visibility based on the terms set out by those giant suppliers that controlled the world power.

Times have changed now and I am aware that many like me have not spent a dime on newspapers in the past year yet have access not just to one of the newspapers but as many as they would want including additional details not provided currently by the formers news giants that had control. The question at this juncture is WHAT HAS CAUSED THIS SHIFT?

Some guys who understood how to control demand had the magic with a simple formula at almost Zero cost.

So Google, Bing, Uber, Airbnb and lots more have always been aware that there are always people in search of information, items and more efficient ways of getting things done. The guys craving for news and other services daily continue to grow in thousands and what demand controllers have done was match these demands with suppliers of these information. Suppliers on the other hand, rather than to lose relevance also decided to get on the platform to provide information, products and services to those seeking it.

WHAT DO THE DEMAND CONTROLLERS LOOK LIKE? They look like Google, Uber, Airbnb et cetera. They make the most money because every participant especially the suppliers need them to succeed. Some suppliers have even engaged employees for google to enable them to participate as market winners in the competitive space through Search Engine Optimisation #SEO activities.

The Huge Question that comes to my mind is HOW DO I CONTROL DEMAND IN MY NICHE AREAS; #CommercialPrinting #Publishing #Supplychainmnagement? I am not sure I will be able to answer it now but hopefully before the year ends.


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