Years ago, during the retreat program organised by one of my former employers, the facilitator requested all participants to fill out a timesheet of what the typical workday was like from 8 am (resumption) to 5 pm (closing) time. Amazing indeed 😳, My sheet had a lot of check emails, #checkemails and only a few things that made sense to our #work. Luckily, she asked us to keep our sheets to ourselves, perhaps, 90% of us would have been jobless if our MD knew the outcome of that exercise.

That exercise altered my #commitment to work making me see the work I am supposed to do as an integral part of the organisation’s success and a gift to myself. I realized that if I did my work well and better all the time, the company would grow and even if I left as, I did, it would be in the books that I ensured the company grew during the period of my employment.

Review your to-do lists at the end of every day and see if those 10 things you scribbled to make your workplace great were done or if you spent most of the time taking calls, answering emails, chatting on #socialmedia and focusing on those little activities that add nothing to the bottom line.


A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.