I have been catholic from my mother’s womb and even I stop being one today, I would never forget how to say the Rosary or Recite the hail Mary’s and other prayers we know in the catholic church including Prayer for our Country Nigeria in Distress.

Because these prayers have been ingrained in my system to the point I could mumble them even in my sleep, the essence and efficacy may be lost if I fail to deliberately meditate on the words on my prayers.

Today, we mark the anniversary of the EndSars Protest. Currently recorded in the books of world history as the day the Nigeria Youths stood up against police brutality and protested against bad governance in Nigeria.

The Decentralised movement recorded many deaths, tears, pains, destructions, losses but there was also GLORY. The glory despite the huge losses reminds us that ‘ THE WORLD WOULD MAKE WAY FOR THE PERSON WHO KNOWS WHERE HE IS GOING’

As we mark the anniversary of the Endsars, we need to remind ourselves that this is not another opportunity to be riotous and destructive. It should rather be a time for us to remind ourselves that our Demands for good governance is possible, that a better Nigeria is possible and we can fight for it by getting involved in the game and activities our current leaders have engaged in to lead leave the country in this state.

While the protest is happening, can we ask the following questions to aid our progress:

  • How many of our Protesting Youths have got PVCs?
  • How many of our Youths are members of political parties?
  • How do we raise funds to support the right candidate that will lead Nigeria to the place we want our country to be?
  • How do we get our local governments to be accountable beginning from AMAC in Abuja?
  • How How How.

The protests won’t amount to anything if we do not think strategically.

The lives of innocent youths lost and those in Asylum would mean nothing if we do not plan a new Nigeria.

A great Nigeria is possible and we can build it with other nations of the world supporting the course if we can design strategically.

I pray that the labours of all those who still believe in Nigeria and fight for its survival never goes in vain. Amen.


A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.