A few days ago, one of my sons sustained a serious injury, multiple fractures on his arm while playing at home. We rushed him to the most reliable Orthopaedic Hospital (Cedar Crest Hospital) that we know following the absence of our most trusted Orthopaedic Doctor; Mahmoud Felafel.

Of course, Cedar…

Many of us speak about different kinds of changes we want to see in our homes, work environments, places of worship, country etc. We hold several meetings and decide on new sets of actions we will carry out to become the change we want to see.

Oftentimes, what we find…

Image from freebibleimages.org

Because we were almost running late for our setup (church sound system) in church this morning, my son and I took off so everyone else could come with my wife.

As we slowed down at a speed bum close a junction that would lead to the major road to church…

The external auditors from Bureau Veritas arrived as scheduled to carry out the final audit that would make us an ISO certified organisation.

I Panicked even though I felt ready for the audit because we had worked hard re-documenting our processes and carrying out change management training to ensure they…

Photo Credit — bravestep.org

During one of the SOWAR sessions I attended, the story of Amaka, a very beautiful woman with 3 kids whose husband lost his job during the company’s downsizing exercise was shared.

After he lost his job, they tried to manage their lives from the savings they had gathered during his…

Chuka Chiezie

A graphics Artist, Publishers and Brand Apprentice with Jewel Publishers. On others hand, A Supply Chain Professional and Visionary Nigerian.

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